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“Dr. Frank Norton kindness exceeds his chiropractic expertise (which is significant). His methods are effective and, unlike experiences with other chiropractors, I never fear my head is going to be torn off! I’ve seen significant improvement over the past year and feel like my body has been trained to encourage healing rather than continuing a spiral towards poor posture and lack of mobility.”


Restoring hope through chiropractic care

We believe it is important for everyone to have hope and encouragement. When you have pain or symptoms that are keeping you from living your life, you become stressed, fearful and burdened. You may even believe something is wrong with you, that you’re beyond hope. You’re not beyond hope. We find the cause of your symptoms, make changes to your body so that it can heal on its own, and set you on the path to have the kind of life that you deserve.

At our chiropractic office, we strive to give hope back to the hopeless. We understand the disappointment and frustration that comes with unanswered health struggles. It’s our desire to show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are here to share with you our understanding of health care and help you get to the root cause of your health problems.



When people are in pain, they are often quick to turn to drugs or pharmaceuticals for relief. While pain relievers mask or cover up the underlying injury or disease, they don’t solve the problem. We work closely with you to get to the root of your pain and your health problems. Over the time Dr. Norton has been practicing, he has worked with many patients who wanted to avoid prescription medications or invasive procedures. Instead, they decided to try our care first, and we were able to help them achieve optimum health.

We are often sought out following an auto accident injury or sports injury as well as these conditions:


Our Royal Oak Chiropractor is focused on setting people free from their current health conditions so they may live their lives to their fullest and most optimal potential.

The human body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. A nervous system free of interferences caused by vertebral subluxation allows the body to function optimally. At Lifeworks Chiropractic, we focus on analyzing, detecting, and correcting these vertebral subluxations because we know that our bodies have an incredible ability to heal from within when there is absolutely no interference.

We offer chiropractic care for all ages from newborns to adults, and focus on pediatrics, pregnancy, and full-family chiropractic care. Whether you are seeking pain relief or maintaining wellness, our goal for you and your family is optimal health to help you live life to the fullest and continue to do the things you love the most.

Over the course of corrective care, your spine will ideally have improved range of motion and mechanics, which will decrease the pressure and tension in your nervous system. Our very specific and scientific chiropractic adjustments over time correct the root cause of your health concerns or health issues at the source. We get life-changing results and we look forward to serving you!

Penny Willis Current Patient

Dr. Frank is amazing. Very knowledgeable, he genuinely cares about his patients and is always professional. He deserves more than five stars. Office staff is just as wonderful and professional as he is. Top notch chiropractor.

Kristine Miller Current Patient

Friendly staff, super great and quick adjustments. My back has never felt better and after a year I still look forward to my weekly adjustments to help my back to keep improving.

Nikki Be Current Patient

Dr. Frank is always friendly, professional and listens to mine and my families needs and works from there. His front desk receptionists are always friendly and flexible regarding any scheduling inquiries. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor.

Tom Stark Current Patient

I have been going to LifeWorks Chiropractic since the opening. Dr. Frank and his staff have been very easy to work with. My questions are thoroughly answered, the facility is state of the art and they are organized.

Brandon Sullivan Current Patient

I have been a patient of Dr. Frank's since he opened Lifeworks last year and he has helped me tremendously. Anyone considering seeing a chiropractor should have a conversation with Dr. Frank for an honest, personalized recommendation.